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A Planned Environment: Professional Questions – 11th January 2018

  • How will the children respond to the new group of children starting in Main Nursery?
  • How can we encourage the children to share the rules and routines of Nursery with the Pink and Sky Blue groups?
  • How will children from the Pink and Sky Blue groups respond to exploring their new environment and resources?
  • Which children are ‘noticing’ change in the environment?
  • Can the children talk about their experiences of the ‘ice’ as they use their senses to explore?
  • What other opportunities can we provide for the children to further explore colouring mixing?
  • How will children respond to the introduction of a small group time ‘challenge’ when they join their colour group?
  • How can we encourage all children to begin to make marks to represent their name?
  • How will children respond to the introduction of ‘finger gym’?
  • How will children respond to the introduction of ‘Mud kitchen’?

A Planned Environment: Professional Questions 2017 – From 30th November 2017

  • How will children respond to the opportunity to work with paints on a three dimensional scale?
  • What learning will this painting opportunity lead to?
  • Which children are able to use scissors effectively for cutting and which children need support?
  • Are children ‘noticing’ changes in their environment?
  • Do children show an awareness of their own and others safety in the outdoor area?
  • With Christmas festivities taking place in the local community and Christmas traditions starting at home, are the children talking about their experiences with adults and each other?
  • Children are requesting to share stories with adults during the session – is there a pattern to the timings of this and which children are they?
  • With the introduction of colour group post boxes will the children be encouraged to write cards for each other?
  • Will the introduction of the Advent bags support number recognition and any further mathematical enquiry?
  • How will children respond to the change of size of blocks in the construction area?

What’s New in Main Nursery: 22nd November 2017

  • Open-ended materials, including a selection of shapes and a range of transparencies will be provided at the light table for the children to explore.
  • Large wooden blocks will be introduced in the outdoor classroom for the children to build with.
  • Zoo animals will be added to the duplo and the construction space will be enlarged.
  • The finger lights will be used in positional language activities in the Literacy session with Christy.
  • Different opportunities will be provided for the children to mix and change colours including colour changes in water using crepe paper.
  • Small coloured Perspex blocks and sheer coloured materials will be introduced in the block area.



What’s New in Main Nursery: 15th November 2017

  • The pumpkins will be introduced into the graphic classroom for the children to explore and represent them using marks on paper.
  • The pumpkins will be cut open to allow the children to explore the seeds inside.
  • A larger mark-making area will be created in the outdoor classroom.
  • Challenge work will be introduced. Small Perspex blocks will be used on a light box.
  • Christy will introduce her first literacy session to the children in their colour groups. She will play games that will focus on listening skills.
  • Colour mixing will be explored with different resources in the creative classroom.

A Planned Environment: Professional Questions 16th October 2017

  • Will the introduction of tweezers in the pasta challenge the children to practice their fine motor skills when filling pots?
  • Can we encourage the children to continue their interest in autumn leaves by providing collections of natural resources for the children to explore and sort?
  • If small spoons and mark making tools are introduced into the corn flour will different children choose to explore it?
  • Where is mark making happening in the Nursery environment?
  • Will the introduction of cable ties in addition to treasury tags and hole punches provoke further interest in fixing and joining?
  • If we place different shaped enclosures using masking tape in the block area, how and what will the children choose to build?
  • Which children will be interested in planting spring bulbs in our raised bed?


What’s New in Main Nursery: 2nd October 2017

  • Our resident artist Matt Shaw will begin working alongside the children this week introducing exploration with clay and developing the atelier space.
  • Wheeled vehicles have been placed in the Duplo construction.
  • New resources have been added to the water tray including small bottles, scoops and jugs.
  • Several new puzzles have been introduced in the graphic classroom.
  • Children will stay in their colour groups after the first group time of the session and will go to a planned learning space so they can begin to explore the range of learning opportunities on offer in that space. They will explore in depth a new learning space each week for about 15 minutes before free flow. This will introduce the whole Nursery School environment before half term in a structured way.

What’s New This Week? 13th June 2017

  • A baking activity, making gingerbread, will be introduced as part of our challenge work.
  • A collection of photographs will be taken of the children to enable a ‘mini me’ to be made.
  • A larger selection of real flowers will be provided as a provocation at the painting table and in the outdoor area.
  • A ‘story box’ with a selection of different props will be introduced at group time to use alongside our ‘mini-me’ laminated photos.
  • A range of different resources will be presented to the children in the outdoor area for the children to explore transporting water.
  • Wet sand will be introduced in the small sand tray in the outdoor area.

A Planned Environment: Professional Questions

  • If we create a larger working area for technology and offer a variety of resources will the children continue to think of ideas and their own ‘designs’?
  • Will the introduction of ‘dough gym’ allow the children to explore and refine their fine motor skills?
  • Can the children begin to match their door numbers to the 100 square?
  • Now the children have experienced yoga for the first time can they revisit this experience in the sensory studio and the outdoor area?
  • Can children remember the ‘smelly cocktails’ and ‘pongy potions’ that they made in Forest School and revisit the experience in the mud kitchen area?
  • How will the children respond to the new ‘challenge’ work focused on numbers and counting?
  • Now we have produced our ‘Friendship Charter’ will we see the children demonstrating friendly behaviour in the nursery environment?

A Planned Environment: Professional Questions

  • If we add blocks of wood with nails can we encourage further skill progression in fine motor skills or in design ideas by offering wire and wool?
  • Will children be able to work together to develop instructions for making a fruit salad as they experience the activity?
  • Children have responded well to using the lego as it has been sorted into colours, there is focused work with no tipping materials onto the floor, would this happen if we offered them sorted duplo?
  • Children have supported each other to use the tape and scissors at the technology table, will they continue to be interested in developing technology skills now the technology table has been introduced again?
  • Can children tick their photograph when they have taken a turn on the computer and respect that they only have one turn per session?
  • Which children will choose to visit the mud kitchen when access is open?