What’s new this week? – Week Commencing 3rd April

  • The children have explored boats in the water tray thinking together about how boats move and why they float.
  • Children have explored the new role-play resources developing their own storytelling using the 3 Bears’ bowls.
  • We have focused upon friendship in emotional literacy and identified friendly and unfriendly words, this idea will be extended as we look at friendly in play and learning.
  • We will provide a new set of materials that are textured for children to explore and discuss before we use them to create relief pictures/sculptures.
  • Lego has been offered in the graphic classroom and children are being invited to access the lego as part of our ‘challenge’ work.
  • Mud kitchen will be open each day and children will be invited to explore mixing mud and water to make mud balls, following the rules for safe use.
  • We will be talking to children about changing our colour group spaces next half term.