What’s New – Thursday 27th April

  • We will add clout nails and panel pins to the wood and materials for children to advance their skills and explore fixing and  working collaboratively.
  • Baby dolls will be offered with towels and bubbles for children to bath the ‘babies’.
  • Additional lego blocks will be added to the ‘challenge’ table and we will continue to invite children to design and explore constructions.
  • The dolls house will be re-introduce for small world play so children can continue to explore the emotional literacy work.
  • Children will be asked to dig the soil and prepare the flowerbed for planting seeds.
  • We will continue to offer materials for den building and provide spaces for this collaborative work and play to occur.
  • At group time we will work in small groups within the group counting and sharing our thoughts and ideas.
  • Lollipops with names on will be introduced to allow children turns to share thoughts and ideas when time is limited and not everyone can have a turn.