What’s New in Main Nursery: 16th October 2017

  • Collections of different autumn resources will be provided in the outdoor classroom.
  • Tweezers will be added to the pasta in the outdoor classroom.
  • Small spoons and mark making tools will be added to the corn flour in the creative classroom.
  • Cable ties will be added to the hole punches and treasury tags in the graphic classroom.
  • We will begin planting spring bulbs in our raised bed in the outdoor classroom.
  • The block play building space will be demarcated with masking tape and different shaped spaces will be offered
  • Additional colours in the silky crayons will be offered at the easels.
  • The Communication Board on the way into the graphic classroom will contain symbols of all the activities on offer at Nursery School for children to reference what they have been doing and what they might like to do next.