Main Nursery School session structure

In Nursery School, wherever possible parents/carers are encouraged to drop off and pick up their child on time to enable the children to enjoy Colour Group time together at the beginning and end of each session. During each session children will then be involved in specific tasks and activities as appropriate to their needs and stages of development.

COLOUR GROUP TIME: The children work in a small group with their Colour Group Leader. Small group time offers planned opportunities for stories, poems, songs, maths and circle games, as well as building confidence, concentration, speaking and listening skills. It is an opportunity to greet each other, discuss and plan our learning and reflect on ideas and thoughts.

MOVEMENT FOR LEARNING: The environments are planned to encourage movement and to develop balance and coordination – both of which are inextricably linked to a child’s ability to learn. Music and dance sessions support children to understand and control movement and relaxation sessions teach them to be still.

REFRESHMENTS: Fresh fruit is offered during Colour Group Time. Drinking water or milk is always available throughout the session for the children to help themselves to.

TIDY-UP TIME: At the end of each session children are encouraged to put away toys and tidy up the area in which they have been playing. This develops a sense of pride in their environment and fosters co-responsibility for spaces, and an awareness of each other.

PROMOTING INDEPENDENCE: We foster independence physically, educationally and mentally, developing a sense of self alongside self help skills. Children will also be encouraged to put on their own coats in order to promote independence.