Nurture Nursery

Our Nurture Nursery provides a separate, purpose-built and stimulating environment for children from two years, 3 months old. As well as a well-equipped indoor play (and rest) area, Nurture Nursery has a canopied outdoor play area so that children can enjoy the fresh air no matter what the weather! This provides a vital space for movement that supports early cognitive development and learning.

Please call to arrange an appointment to visit our Nurture Nursery 01926 853394.

Why choose Kenilworth Nurture Nursery?

  • Highly qualified early year practitioners experienced in delivering specialised learning for children of this age
  • One of just two nationally recognised 2 year old provisions selected by the DfE to implement their ‘Being Two’ project in 2013
  • Wonderful creative curriculum
  • Experienced in supporting children to become ‘learners’ and develop the skills
    and enthusiasm to support lifelong learning
  • Recognised and researched ‘Building Learning Power’ strategies to enable young children to reach their full potential
  • Learning through first hand experiences and purposeful play in a child-centred environment of enquiry
  • Excellent transition arrangements
  • Amazing services and facilities
  • Atelier space for creative exploration
  • FREE ‘Being Two’ workshops for parents
  • And more…

Nurture Nursery Sessions

Daily sessions run from 9am-11.30am Monday to Friday. Nurture Nursery is a self-financing venture and there is a fee of £17.50 per session, with a minimum of two sessions per week required for continuity of care purposes.

Any extra sessions are subject to availability and invoices are issued on a half-termly basis.

We’ve Been Listening

We’ve been listening to feedback from families who attend our Nurture Nursery (our two year olds) and from parents, who would like their children to attend but can’t make our current offer work alongside work and study commitments.

We’re now pleased to let you know that we’ve been able to change our offer so that all who want to attend can do so. Our new expanded offer will begin in January 2023 for our Nurture Nursery children.

This will change our usual 2.5 hour session into a 4 hour session that will run from 9am until 1pm.  Our intention is to allow some Parents who work part time or from home a longer block of time in which they know their 2 year old is in excellent early years provision.  The cost of these sessions will be £28.

We know high quality early educational experiences impact on children’s outcomes across their educational pathways, to University and beyond, so expanding our offer now seems essential

If this is successful, then we plan to offer a version of breakfast club for our 2 year olds in the summer term extending our offer from 8:30am until 1pm which again will hopefully allow more families to access our amazing Nurture Nursery.

Frequently asked questions:

How do you support children to share and play together safely?

  • We observe and plan our environment supporting each child
  • We provide clear and consistent boundaries
  • We have high expectations and scaffold and model appropriate behaviour
  • We always think about situations from a child’s perspective and look for the meaning behind behaviours.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

We accept children in all stages of toilet training and can support parents who may just be beginning the process. Equally, we can support children who are already independent with excellent facilities.

Do you offer funded 2 year places?

We do offer 2HELP funded 15 hour places in Nurture Nursery for families who are eligible. These daily sessions run 9am – 12pm including a half an hour Lunch Club (for which a packed lunch must be provided). To find out if you qualify, and to register please visit

For answers to more frequently asked questions about Kenilworth Nursery School in general, please visit

How do I apply for a place for my child?

We would highly recommend a visit to the Nurture Nursery to see first hand what we offer, which can be arranged by contacting our School Office Manager on 01926 853394. If you would like to submit an application, then you can complete and return an Application form for Kenilworth Nursery School by email to

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