Music and Movement

Our creative approach to learning ensures we value all aspects. We have a fully qualified teacher who specialises in music and dance as part of our teaching team at Kenilworth Nursery School. Research tells us that music and dance support children’s development physically, creatively and cognitively.

Lizzy delivers a child led programme of music exploration, creation and appreciation that incorporates movement and dance. Children listen and are listened to and the music programme varies each year. An important aspect of the learning is an increased ability to hear and respond to sounds and rhythm and an introduction to a musical vocabulary.

Encounters with Music and Dance are displayed after each block of related work is completed for Parents to view alongside planning so the development of skills can be seen and also become part of each child’s Learning Journey. Each summer a music celebration takes place that invites parents to come and observe a teaching session that allows all of the skills and vocabulary to be shared.

In addition, Lizzy plans relaxation sessions based on early yoga for children who attend for longer days.