Forest School

We value a broad and creative curriculum. For 6 years we have been delivering Forest School activities as part of our Nursery School offer with amazing results, and it’s already a favourite activity with children and parents.

Forest School activities take place in a special planned and designed ‘wild’ space that is fenced so that the rules in that space can be different from the general rules of the outside learning spaces. The area is designed to be ‘overgrown’ and to feel very different from the nursery outdoor learning space. The area has small ‘dens’ that allow children to be out of sight for short periods and is perfect for play and exploration.


In Forest School children can explore and enquire, they are encouraged to take part in activities that present ‘risk’ such as tree climbing, mud kitchen, hide and seek, whittling, den building and a camp fire but following rules that reduce that risk. The result is powerful with children’s self-esteem increasing and an interest in exploration and enquiry presenting itself within the Forest School activities, and also within other aspects of learning in the School.

Children access Forest School in small groups with the qualified leader and at least 1 other adult. Sessions take place weekly depending upon other activities on offer, and are carefully planned around the children’s interests. All weather suits are provided by the School.

Encounters with learning in Forest School are displayed for parents and become part of each child’s learning journey.