Main Nursery School environment

The Main Nursery has three indoor rooms called the Creative Area, Graphic Area and Sensory Studio, as well as a very large Outdoor Learning Space with a sheltered area for all weather play. In addition, learning also takes place in our large Garden Studio classroom.

The Graphic Area has books, block play, maths, science, computers, puzzles and writing areas. Emergent reading writing and number skills are developed through planned experiences. Construction materials allow children to explore, plan and negotiate and an ‘atelier’ offers found materials for creative exploration.

The Creative Area offers sand, water, dough/clay, paint and collage experiences. Children participate fully in exploring these opportunities, learning from first-hand experience whilst supported by the teachers. There is also a space where children are introduced to technology exploring ways to fix things.

The Sensory Studio is equipped with hi-tech sound and lighting equipment including sound beams, a bubble tube, u.v. lighting and mirrored walls. It is used to promote music, dance, exploration of self and body awareness, whilst creating a sense of wonder and awe.

The Garden Studio has a large classroom space for colour group times, music and movement and relaxation sessions.

The Outdoor Area is resourced fully to ensure that whatever learning is taking place indoors is planned to happen outdoors too. It includes a walk-in sandpit, and a challenging physical development area.

The area is always staffed to support the children’s explorations, investigations and development of social and physical skills. Each session is a balanced with child initiated and teacher directed experiences as the children develop their confidence, self esteem, concentration spans and work ethos. Teachers notice children’s interests and work beside them, co-collaborating in learning, asking questions and extending thinking.