A Planned Environment: Professional Questions 6th December 2018

* As Advent continues will the Advent bags continue to encourage number recognition and subitising in the Nursery environment?

* Which groups of children work together in a collaborative way in the Atelier space?

* Now the children have experienced the Atelier space with Matt the artist will they use the found materials in outdoor classroom in a different way?

* Where is spontaneous mathematical enquiry occurring in the Nursery environment?

* Following the children’s interests in collaborative play can we provide larger 3D resources in the creative classroom to allow them to work together?

* If we introduce a real Christmas tree in the graphic classroom will the children be inspired to complete an observational drawing for their own Christmas card?

* Can the children notice and talk about the Christmas tree’s features?

* Are the children thinking of their own ideas in their play in the Nursery environment?

What’s new in Main Nursery from 29th November 2018

* A real Christmas tree will be introduced in the graphic classroom.

* Larger cardboard boxes will be introduced in the creative area for the children to work on with paints collaboratively.

* As Advent continues, Advent bags will continue to encourage number recognition and counting.

* A post box will be added to each colour group area to allow the children to post cards to each other.