A Planned Environment

A Planned Environment: Professional Questions

  • Children continue to be interested in the winter weather, if we ensure a range of materials are outside to support their explorations can we follow their interests?
  • If we hang bird feeders in the tree will children continue to be interested in observing and noticing the birds they attract?
  • If we offer children a range of small resources will they continue to explore the guttering and develop their understanding of trajectory further?
  • Will children be able to test whether coloured ice melts faster in warm or cold water?
  • Will they notice the way in which the colour mixes in the water?
  • How will children respond to the opportunity to taste frozen fruits?
  • Will children be able to reflect on their learning as we share their workbooks at group time?
  • What impact has the ‘kapla’ challenge had on children’s construction skills in the wider setting?