A Planned Environment: Professional Questions

  • How will children respond when listening to music that represents winter? Can they use scarves to support them to move in a way that represents ice? (music and dance)
  • Can children identify objects and words beginning with the letter sounds s, t and p and add examples to the new ‘I Spy’ book? (literacy)
  • Can the children build a ‘hide’ from the camouflage netting so they can continue to watch the birds accessing the nesting box and feeders?
  • Will children continue to demonstrate an interest in trajectory, using the guttering and tubes?
  • What progress will we see when we challenge children to come and write their names in their workbooks?
  • Children have noticed how ice melts in water, can we now focus upon supporting them to notice colour change as coloured ice melts?
  • What other ways will children find to explore colour mixing and changing?