A Planned Environment: Professional Questions 22th November 2018

* Can the children revisit their Diwali dancing routines in the garden studio using the 4 beat pattern?

* If we make a gingerbread man to eat will the children notice and talk about the changes to the ingredients as they are mixed together and cooked?

* What threads of learning are the children exploring when using the found materials in the play dough?

* How will the children respond to the new atelier space in the garden studio?

* If we introduce found materials in the outdoor classroom, how will the children incorporate them into their play?

* Which children are able to retell the main parts of a story considering the beginning, middle and end of a story?

* Are the children noticing change in the outdoor classroom?

* What characteristics of effective learning are the children demonstrating in the Nursery environment?

* Can we build on the children’s interests in fixing and joining by introducing hole-punches and treasury tags in the graphic classroom?