A Planned Environment: Professional Questions 7th November 2018

* Will the children recreate their experiences of fireworks displays using paints and black paper on a larger scale collaborative piece of work in the creative classroom?* *Can the children recall their music and movement session based on fireworks and will they link movements they made with the movement when painting?

* How will the children respond to their first introductory Forest School session?* How will the children respond to their first Literacy session focusing on rhythm and rhyme?

* Now that we have introduced 2D shapes in our group time which children will notice these shapes in the Nursery environment?

* Using their photograph from home, can the children talk about their families at group time?

* What descriptive language will the children use when they are invited to complete a drawing of their family?

* If we introduce more tubes in the sand pit can we encourage more collaborative play?

* Following the children’s interests in musical instruments how will they use them if we place a selection in the outdoor classroom?

* Can the children retell the story of “the 3 Billy Goats Gruff” using the small world resources in the outdoor classroom?