A Planned Environment: Professional Questions

  • Can children use the large camouflage nets to create dens or explore co-operative play?
  • Can we continue to invite children to work in different combinations as they develop new relationships for learning?
  • As we continue to explore change, Children will be asked where they would like their colour groups to be based for next half term?
  • Can children develop their initial ideas about friendly words and extend their thinking to recognise and describe friendly behaviours?
  • Which children will choose to access the new “lego” challenge work?
  • If we open mud kitchen each day will children be able to come and make mud?
  • If we move the snack table into the outside learning space will more children access?
  • Will children explore the materials and notice the different textures?
  • Can children identify the missing number as we count from 0 to 10 and leave a number out of the count?