A Planned Environment: Professional Questions

  • If we introduce clout nails and panel pins alongside the hammers, with a range of materials will children further explore and develop fixing skills to create a large collaborative piece of work on the plywood?
  • Children have been interested in bathing ‘babies’ in the water tray, if we offer small towels and baby dolls will this continue and will children be able to care for the ‘babies’?
  • The work with lego has progressed well, if we now add more lego blocks and a wider range of blocks will children continue to sustain their interest and develop their skills?
  • If we re-introduce the dolls house will children explore their emotional literacy work further with the small world materials?
  • Children have noticed the blossom and watched it float down in the wind, if we offer baskets will children collect the blossom and what will they decide to do with it?
  • Children have been creating ‘discovery houses’ outside, if we continue to offer materials for den building how will this develop?
  • How will children respond if we invite them to prepare the flowerbeds for planting? Will they be able to explain the difference between mud and soil?