A Planned Environment: Professional Questions

  • If we create a larger working area for technology and offer a variety of resources will the children continue to think of ideas and their own ‘designs’?
  • Will the introduction of ‘dough gym’ allow the children to explore and refine their fine motor skills?
  • Can the children begin to match their door numbers to the 100 square?
  • Now the children have experienced yoga for the first time can they revisit this experience in the sensory studio and the outdoor area?
  • Can children remember the ‘smelly cocktails’ and ‘pongy potions’ that they made in Forest School and revisit the experience in the mud kitchen area?
  • How will the children respond to the new ‘challenge’ work focused on numbers and counting?
  • Now we have produced our ‘Friendship Charter’ will we see the children demonstrating friendly behaviour in the nursery environment?