A Planned Environment: Professional Questions 15th November 2017

*As the children continue to explore the pumpkins are they able to use mathematical language to talk about the size and weight of them, making direct comparisons and ordering them?
* Can the children use their observations and exploration of the pumpkins to represent them using marks on paper?
* By using the seeds from the cut open pumpkins, will this encourage children to develop their counting skills, counting beyond 10 to extend to teens numbers? Which children are recognising numerals to 10 and beyond?
*How will the children respond to the addition of more mark-making equipment and a larger area to develop mark-making in the outdoor classroom?
* How will children respond to the introduction of the challenge basket – small perspex blocks to use on the light table?
* How will the children respond to their first Literacy session with Christy, focusing on ‘listening and attention’?
* Where will the work with clay, the children have explored with Matt, lead to next?      * What will happen when the children are offered opportunities to explore colouring mixing in different areas of Nursery e.g. in the water tray, painting on the easels, using colour paddles?