A Planned Environment: Professional Questions 6th November 2017

How will children respond to working collaboratively on a creative piece of work?

  • Will the children recreate their experiences of fireworks displays using paints and black paper in the creative classroom?
  • Can the children recall their music and movement session based on fireworks and will they link movements they made with the movement when painting?
  • Will the introduction of name cards encourage the children to write their name?
  • Which children will show interest in name writing and letter recognition?
  • How will the trains and track in the outdoor classroom allow children to continue to explore trajectory or will their interests change with the new resource?
  • Can pumpkins and gourds inspire the children to talk about and describe their features?
  • What mathematical language will children use during their explorations of the pumpkins?
  • How will the children respond to their first introductory Forest School session?